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Team Repeller Annotates Their Instagram Mood Boards for Fall

Team MR Annotates Their IG Fall Mood Folders

Peeking at a person’s Instagram saved folder… what a rush. And if, while peeking, you also get an idea for something to wear in the near future? Like, to the laundromat or a pumpkin patch or something? Real value there! Below, Team MR shares the images they’ve been tapping, saving, and filing away with abandon.

“Maternity Leave Realness”

By Tiffany Wilkinson, Creative Director

The algorithm definitely knows I’m about to give birth—every other ad I get is for a nursing bra! I have a board of cool mums saved, and one of baby-related things. This board is a little mix of everything. As summer comes to an end I’m thinking about being cozy at home with a new baby. There are some noodles I want to eat from @meerasodha, the breast-feeding chair of my dreams from @claudehome, a shot of Alice Cooper and his family by Terry O’Neill, and, of course, some “back-to-school” looks.


Fall still feels like back-to-school time to me, and this tote by Florist is the book bag of my dreams.


If the jeans plan fails (which is totally possible) Nnennna Echem’s loose dress and sneakers combo is going to be my go-to fall look.


Being pregnant, I’ve really missed wearing pants. The idea of fastening anything rigid around my waist has become totally alien and novelty to me. Once the baby comes, I’m excited to have that nice tucked-in feeling again. These jeans are at the top of my wish list.

“Skressed, Nostalgic, and Black”

By Mikaela Clark, Creative Production Manager

I named my fall saved folder “Art,” which at times is frustratingly broad, but it has also widened the scope of what I consider art to be, which I enjoy! I’ve got a few painting videos saved there, a ton of vintage photographs (especially of black people/families) from the 40s, 50s, or 70s, and a couple wild cards, like a post of a close friend juxtaposed with a really good poem about black manhood.


The pearl, the gem, THE Josephine Baker! She is larger than life and that 1950s fast vibrato-style of singing is so nostalgic and dreamy. I watch this video once a week and already have plans to recreate this look for the Halloween Parties that won’t be happening.


This is a still of Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte in the movie Carmen Jones. I’ve never seen the film, but the images of two fine people serving the perfect blend of class and eroticism halted my scrolling. And it is pretty self-explanatory as far as how it relates to my fall mood….


Let’s be real, this has been my mood since March when the world shut down. For a while, I had a flow for keeping up with friends while we’re forced to be apart, but lately I’ve been feeling like this photo, hooked up to every device I own and in constant conversation. I guess my fall mood is to adopt some of Dijonay’s enthusiasm for this new normal, because I love my friends… but my eyes hurt.

“Print-Set Confusion”

By Beth Sacca, Visuals Editor

Everything I save always ends up accidentally looking good together, which is great for my eyeballs. Right now everything is definitely taking a turn towards warmer clothing and how to layer. The funnier imagery is what my mood will lean toward as were all forced to return inside for the cold months ahead. I keep style and photography boards separate. And I have different folders for different styles—I have an entire folder dedicated to pattern smashing and how to style completely different patterns into one overall look, for example. If you separate your folders into complex systems, you may also be the type of person who doesn’t like to have their main entree and sides touching. And yes… that IS ME.


I’ve been in love with these Brother Vellies boots since the beginning of time and feel like a window shopper who will never pull the plug. I plan to gaze at them until they hopefully one day go on sale.


The day this video campaign dropped it flooded my feed. Everyone I know fell in love. Aime Leon Dore is the ultimate fall statement (also forever statement) and I may be convinced Teddy Santis is the smartest guy in fashion right now. I love that the brand is unisex and uses real people as models. Their new campaign The World’s Borough is setting the right example for the rest of the fashion world to follow.


Anna Sarlvit is one of the cute instagrammers of Copenhagen that have populated my instagram feed. I’m obsessed with the colors she surrounds herself with and her ability to transform her new apartment into a relaxing, colorful dream home. Will I move to Copenhagen because of this girl’s instagram? Probably, one day! This outfit in particular I love—it’s a set that also has matching boots (drool) (realize drooling) (quickly wipe away drool).

“Punch of (Cozy) Color”

By Elizabeth Tamkin, Market Editor and Strategist

Since the start of quarantine, I’ve been using my Instagram saved folder for most of my market research. No in-person market appointments means I’m discovering new brands virtually now. You’ll notice a lot of soft colors and pastels, which, until looking at this as a full grid, I didn’t realize I was gravitating toward. I guess those are the colors that make me feel good right now.


I plan to use these Merritt Meacham pants in for an upcoming shoot and wanted to keep a mental note (aka Instagram flag) so I don’t forget about them. They have the coolest side snaps and are unisex.


This photo of a knit set and blazer from Source Unknown Store’s Instagram is some inspiration of how I can use some of my summer wear as cozy items at home this fall. When styling, I like to mix textures and materials from different brands and I appreciate the pairing of this wide-ribbed corset top with these cashmere shorts.


I love how Amaka styled her jeans tucked into tube socks here. I plan to adapt it for my joggers at home.

“Preppy Androgynous Banana”

By Amalie MacGowan, Social Media Manager

This saved folder, titled “Chic,” is curated with my outfit and home saves because, tbh, my giant saved folder is a mix of stuff I want to post to the Man Repeller instagram (no spoilers!) and dumb memes and pictures of cats doing the splits. I have a handful of saved folders. I honestly wish I were more organized. There’s “Art,” there’s “Eats,” “Chic,” “Man Repeller Sh*t” and “Lol,” but most of the time I just dump into the “All Posts” folder with abandon. For those who know me, this tracks.


This is like the Wicked Witch of the East, but Grandpa style. The perfect fall color palette exists and it’s right here. That navy blue? That forest green? That rich mahogany? All I need is a smoking jacket and no smokes because that’s not my vibe!


This is a tattoo artist I follow named Jess Chen and usually I love her tat work, but this image of her peaceful, unfussy home made me produce an audible gasp. As I attempt to build my new home (it’s new! it’s my own!) I hope to take some of the minimal/maximal cues from this image.


I love this entire Aimé Léon Doré campaign with my whole heart. The looks are styled to perfection and pretty much exactly—exactly—what I would like my closet to look like.

“Textural Terra Cotta”

By Marisa Lifschutz, Business and Communications Strategist

This board is chock full of moments that resonate with me on a soul level, which includes a mix of interior, culinary, and style groupings. For fall, I’m drawn to imagery with different textures and layers that contribute to a cohesive look. I love to mix different patterns and colors in my own personal style, but saved folders provide the perfect opportunity to group fall inspiration in a more consistent tone. I like the saved feature but rarely look back on my saved posts. I prefer to think of myself as Cam Jansen when saving photos, taking a mental photographic *click* when hitting save and then storing said post in the depths of my brain rather than returning to the folder.


This chocolate loaf has everything I want served up for fall with seeded textures galore. I would love to first bake this loaf and delight in smelling chocolate wafting through the air, and then translate the loaf to a look with sesame and brown layers.


I’m quick to save Nina Marker’s style and have this photo at the ready for a perfectly cohesive dose of fall 2020. Worn leather and a gray sweatshirt sounds like my ideal autumnal outfit recipe, and I can’t help but covet a secondhand shearling Chanel for fall elevation station.


This flatware set provides the ultimate autumn color wheel: chocolate and bone mixed with deep vermillion and a few pastels for good measure. I’ve been really into flatware in general and gather a lot of inspiration from secondhand sets in unexpected and satisfying color combinations.

“Relaxed, Creative, and Self-Serving”

By Lorenza Centi, Art Director

My Instagram saved folders are a beast. They’re a massive mix of everything and anything. I started trying to create folders but soon realized that was hopeless. 

My fall board is a mixed bag. I’m hoping to focus on self-care and getting back to being more creative. Funky fashion inspo, dog memes, and Alex Chung’s cute barrette clips with great brows, are all things I hope will imprint into my fall experience. 


This post from artist and designer David Mendez Alonzo has definitely graced my Instagram saved folder before and I happened upon his page at random this week and reupped on the inspo!


These leather monster shoes by Xander Zhou caught my attention immediately as spooky vibes start to creep into my feed for Halloween; these are the perfect mix of luxury shoe for a monster mash wedding. 


Patterned pants from Paloma Wool have been a staple IG trend for the last year and this post finally made me buy a pair.

Now, can we see your boards in the comments?!

Team Repeller

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