Notice Anything Different Around Here?

Hello and welcome back to our website, redesigned to make this universe a lot easier to navigate and immerse yourself in. It’s a universe that will—pregnant pause—henceforth be known as Repeller.

Repeller (!!!)

These updates (the site design and the name shortening) are just one part of the larger changes we’ve been working toward this year both internally and externally—a transformation that extends beyond the surface level of what Repeller simply looks like and actually reimagines what it is. These are just a few of many more changes to come.

As for the shortening of our name: We want it to be clear that we’re a brand made by and for the full range of odd eggs who want to find a community online. We think our name should reflect something that’s been true for a while: being a “Man Repeller” was defined as empowering yourself by deflecting the male gaze when this site began 10 years ago, but today discovering yourself and earning your confidence feels far more multidimensional. You can still expect the same dad jokes, the same feel-it-in-your-bones essays, the same souped-up outfit ideas—just told by more people and taken to the next level. Consider the ante upped!!

Now, for a little tour of our ~refreshed~ site: Two things we’re very excited about: 

  • Our new shopping section, which includes stickers to help you shop based on your priorities. It will also simplify finding ‘That Thing’ you may come here looking for (like, you know, a lavender dress with red stitching you can wear to both a distant relative’s wedding and the gym?)
  • Our contributor page, which makes it easier to keep up with your favorite people in Repeller world. 

We’ve also added some basic features to make reading more pleasurable (see our expanded site navigation up top) including some that you’ve all asked and patiently waited for (go ahead and lower your sunglasses and enjoy those big-ass product images). Then please feel free to take the site for a spin and let us know what you think. (You can email thoughts to [email protected] or DM us on Instagram at @repeller.)

So, that’s our “fall reset” here on the dot com. Now we’re going to spend the rest of September exploring the idea of resetting for the remainder of the year in all the other ways—through style, relationships, our own expectations and goals—and not to mention a sure-to-be unusual Fashion Month. 

Before you can “reset,” though, you have to change, or want change to come, so let’s start this with a series of questions: We want to know about the biggest change you’ve made this year. AKA: What’s the biggest difference between ‘you’ at midnight on January 1 2020 and the ‘you’ who is reading this post? Tell us about it in this survey, and we’ll come back to you soon with a story about what’s going on with everybody else who’s reading this right now, too.

Team Repeller

This byline is used for stories that involved several Repeller team members, and company announcements.

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