3 Instagram-Inspired Interior Design Trends to Buy, Like, Immediately

After spending 99 percent of my time in my studio apartment during quarantine, I—like a lot of other people, I think—went through an extremely intense phase of wanting to redecorate the joint. I headed to Instagram for some inspiration and immediately became hopelessly overwhelmed by all the really incredible spaces. While chugging home décor insta-content, I noted three interesting trends: checkered, pastels, and organically shaped decor. I did not, in fact, redecorate my entire apartment, but I did invest in some exceptionally pleasing key pieces–all vintage or handmade—from those three categories. 

Here, I’m excited to share the best of what I found with the help of superstar design enthusiast (and Repeller photographer) Beth. These are all quality pieces: one-of-a-kind artworks, handmade pieces, or vintage. Together, we confirmed my hypothesis: These three trends are indeed a thing and worth considering for your abode as well.

1. The Checkered Explosion

After seeing this exact photo from Home Union, I found myself a handmade checkered Moroccan rug on Etsy from Berber Stuff. Mine is green and makes every green item in my apartment stand out—including the plants I work so very hard to keep alive. I’ve found that a checkered rug—whether an area rug or a small mat—can provide a great splash of pattern in a tiny space like mine. Here, my picks from the checkered trend. 

Checkered Rugs to Dress up Your Floor:

Statement Vessels:

A Splash of Checkered Decor:

2. A Soothing Palette of Pastel

Betina Jørgensen posts her handmade ceramics on Instagram, where they sell out in seconds. I dream of getting one for myself, but I also follow the account because of her beautiful interior photos— like the pastel-abundant dining space above. (I didn’t know I wanted a fun-shaped pastel mirror until I saw it.) I dove right in and found a handmade cloud-shaped mirror (for a nursery but nobody needs to know!), some pretty vintage ceramics, and some art for your wall. Doesn’t pastel just feel calm and joyful?

A Splash of Pastel on Your Wall:

Pastel Ceramics for Candles and Cookies and Flowers:

Pastel to Curl up with/on/by:

3. Organic Shapes Everywhere

I’m sure you’ve seen boob design elements on your Instagram feed countless times, whether from Cold Picnic or Group Partner, two brands with infamous boob designs. What Beth and I (and actually a whole group of us) chatted about recently is how many organic decor elements we keep seeing, from curved surfaces to plant, food, and body shapes (animal or human) with a focus on ceramics. Don’t sleep on The Lam Label’s vintage hand holder or the vintage ceramic vases from Etsy. And keep checking back with some brands like Oatmeal Shop and Nur Ceramics which are both currently fully or close to being out of stock, or Lolly Lolly Ceramics and The Coy Collection whose websites are launching soon. All create carefully handmade pieces that are worth investing in. There’s a world of furniture too: check out the brand Wiggle Room which makes curvy tables (I’d like to get a side table of my own). Goodee, a homeware shop you should absolutely follow, specializes in organic and earthy shapes. I’m eying a child-sized chair made from recycled plastic and a hand-finished pillow. To me, these smooth surfaced organic-looking items are clean, modern and sometimes a little quirky. 

Curvy Statements:

Hands, Boobs, Fruit and the Like:

A Statement Vessels for a Fresh Bouquet:

What interior design trends are in your saved folder? Do tell! An added Instagram link for visuals would be much appreciated, too. As I said, I haven’t fully redecorated yet and my appetite for home goods is insatiable.

Feature Image via Annabel P. Lee.

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