7 Printed Pants Recipes for Fall

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Pants. Gotta love them. Sometimes they’re insanely uncomfortable—sometimes they feel like a hug. Either way, we should probably wear them at some point. Fall is around the corner, creeping up into our lives whether we like it or not. (I like it, but in no way am I ready to deal with the season that comes after autumn.) 

The good thing about pants, however, is that they’re great for both fall and the season that shall not be named. Now that I’m done convincing you on the idea of pants, which everyone already owns anyway, I’m here to convince you that printed pants are your staple piece for the next two seasons. Jackets are cute, but they can also ruin your outfit. If you still want to show that you’re remotely cool underneath all that jacket material, I suggest… printed pants. Pants. Printed. Printed pants. It’s actually sort of miraculous: They’ll let you show off your cool self, while keeping you warm, this season and the next. 

Below, a few outfits that may lead you to purchasing printed pants in the next minute/few seconds. 

Logo-Printed Pantalones

This outfit would be perfect with a leather jacket and/or large sweater for this fall. The text makes you look twice, and the sneakers matching the logo pulls the whole outfit together. 

Pattern Smashing

Take a moment. Breathe it all in. This outfit is everything. The way she mixes patterns with the stripes and the zebra-print pants is on point—not to mention how the scrunchie, sunnies, and shoes move your eyes around the entire outfit. This pattern-smashing ensemble is achieved by connecting colors. I suggest you try it out! 


I love this outfit for what the pants and top are doing for each other. They complement each other perfectly. The top feels vintage, while pants feel fresh. Bonus: It all looks extremely comfy.

The BW Printed Set

I’ve spent a lot of time drooling over this outfit. If I saw it on her in person, I would consider stealing it. The set is almost checkered, the pattern that took over for gingham this fall. The top feels like Patagonia met street style, thanks to OBEY. Even though this outfit is a set, if you take away the top and add a different colored puffy coat with some colorful sneakers, you have yourself another look. 

The Classic

These pants have been a staple for many in the past. They’re easy to pair with anything and always look good. With this outfit in particular, I love how she is wearing hiking boots and a rain hat in a different print from the pants (would also be cute if matched!). The jacket compliments the entire outfit, making it feel like she’s going on a chic hike. 


This set!? The boots!? These Ganni leggings are basically pants, in that they cover your legs. Same thing. I love all the warm colors in this blurry floral print. I need this outfit for fall STAT.  


Didn’t I just say gingham was over? MAYBE. Am I already regretting what I said? Yes. First of all, that banana looks tasty. Second of all, this different-colored gingham set is working!! The brown colors pull in warmth for fall, while the punchy pink in the pants gives the whole thing some energy. 

In summation: This fall, I suggest you embrace your truest self and step out of your home to catch some fresh air in something that makes you feel good. The grocery store needs to see your fit! So do your neighbors. Do it for the Vine!! Just kidding, but in your new print pants, you will feel the confidence that Jason Derulo (being insanely excessive for absolutely no reason) has in this TikTok. 

Feature Photo: SIEDRÉS printed knit pants, Holiday The Label checkered pants and Juliet Johnstone hand-painted pants.

Beth Sacca

Beth Sacca

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