This Week’s Best Buys: Fuzzy Fleeces, Fisherman Vests and Checkerboard Print Galore

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how my style has become increasingly practical over the last few months. In the past I’ve been notorious for underdressing for the sake of my outfit, but now, as it gets colder, I’m thinking about how to be sensible—layering for the weather and all that—while still having fun with statement-making pieces. Below, you’ll find a mix of major statement pieces (hello there, checkered fleece and bow-tie face mask), plus some smart staples.

1. I Have a Thing for Check

Fleece: Rowing Blazers; Bloomers: Handmade by MRG; Loafers: Belgian shoes

This incredible harlequin fleece from Rowing Blazers just launched this week—I’d probably pair it with a simple base layer (or wear it around the house in bloomers, as I did here). It has pockets and a full-front dual zipper, which is something you don’t always find, but when you do, it’s truly the best feature. I plan on wearing mine season after season, ’til I’m the grandest old dame doing après-ski drinks at Courcheval.

2. Sets are My Fall Dressing Hack

I absolutely LOVE this soft waffle-knit sweater set from Free People. The fact that this knit henley comes with matching pants (they’re actually sold together) is a huge deal, in my book. Sets are my favorite as of late, and these are the perfect base layer for those fun accessories and statement pieces I was talking about—like our good friend, the Rowing Blazers fleece above.

3. On a Note of Practicality

Whenever we’re talking about easy dressing hacks, I always bring up vests. Take this pocketed trench-style one or this military one, both on sale and similar to the vest above, which I wore every day on a trip to London last fall. Vests add another layer and are easy to style. These have extra pockets (Kit Kat storage!), and both would honestly look really cool with the aforementioned fleece and knit set. See what I’m doing here?

4. Circling Back on the Checkered Train

Studio One Eighty Nine makes this black-and-white bucket hat, which I want for fall because it’s not heavy but still shades your eyes from the sun. Instead of a plain old canvas hat, this one is attention-getting yet still very practical. (If not black and white, perhaps consider this dyed yellow one?)

5. Or Try This Patchwork Hat

Friends Fornever makes incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces, including our second! take! on the bucket hat this week! (I’ve had it favorited for quite some time.) This just recently came back in stock, too—it’s an easy way to add a little pizzazz.

6. Statement Face Masks

I’m still thinking about the bow-tied face masks from Collina Strada. They might be the ultimate in mask statements, as shown by the couple above. Speaking of masks: For another take, I really love this mask by Abacaxi, specifically in aqua. It’s lined and I can confirm that it’s super soft, so I imagine it’ll be great as it gets colder. 

7. Not Your Average Rain Shoe

I stumbled upon these loafers by Hunter a couple of years ago, while assisting market on a rainwear editorial. While standard loafers usually let precipitation slip through their stitching (and ruin the leather), these rubber loafers won’t—they’re the perfect solution for a rainy season. You should know…this is not my first time recommending them.

8. Cow Print for When It’s Not Raining

And for when it’s dry out… these coooooool cow-print boots! When the rest of your outfit falls a bit flat (see: black sweater and leggings), these shoes are a statement—but still practical for the season.

Have you found anything new and noteworthy this week you’d like to share with the class? I’d love to know!

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