Fringe Jackets & Ceramic Coffee Mugs: This Week’s Best Vintage Finds

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I just wrote a story about loafers (not sure if you saw it, but here it is), in which I suggested classic horsebit vintage Gucci loafers. The same day the story was published, I saw a friend wearing a pair, and I thought it was a sign. Maybe not? But I like to think it was. So I found some more, all for you. .

And not just loafers, my friends! Witness: cool fringed jackets and jeans, gold chain necklaces, a pair of cool earrings, ceramic plates, a very awesome red cardigan, and some reworked denim. Scroll on below and shop with me, if you please.

1. I Have a Loafers Obsession

The day I wrote this story on loafers, I ran into a friend, and the first thing I noticed (other than her smile) was her vintage Gucci loafers. I felt so validated. They were perfect: suede, square-toed, a little bit chunky. I forgot to take a photo, so had her text one to me. The creative direction was all hers! I will say it forever: Loafers are the best fall footwear.

2. Some Fringed Jackets

I was searching for fringed jackets for a story and subsequently fell into a deep, deep hole. From leather to suede to this rainbow vision, a cool, fringed jacket is a superior addition to my fall wardrobe—I’ll soon swap an old windbreaker of my dad’s for one. 

3. And a Pair of Fringed Jeans

These upcycled jeans are available in sizes 0-20. Message the seller—Sustainable Maria, whose shop I frequently browse—to chat about length and fit. I love the idea of wearing these with tall boots, so the fringe hangs over the shaft of the boots. Ah! Fall dressing rules.

4. Gold Necklaces Forever!

Remember this gold necklace story? I stand by the fact that a gold chain does wonders for basically any outfit. Since publication, I’ve found a few more worth checking out—especially if you’re looking for something to pair with the T-shirt you wore to bed (see: my daily video call uniform). Check out this two-toned one—you could wear it long, or wrap it around twice!

5. A Jacket and a Vest

If you haven’t yet encountered the beauty of Moore Vintage, block off some time in your cal. I’m specifically eyeing this wool military jacket with bold buttons and this Gaultier denim vest. There are just so many treasures. You be the judge!

6. Ceramic Dinnerware

My boyfriend Mikey and I recently stumbled upon a new shop in our neighborhood with soooo many colorful ceramic pieces. I’m not able to drop that cash right now, but I’d love a cool ceramic mug or two for morning coffee. Maybe they’d make you happy too, so take a browse of one or two (rhyme!).

7. This Loop Knit Cardigan

I had a poodle-esque sweater years ago that I irresponsibly lost, and I still think about it sometimes. I love this shaggy red cardigan from Hot Cocoa Vintage that you can wear buttoned up, open, OR over your shoulders, like a voluminous shawl. I’m a fan of texture, and this sweater’s got it.

8. Reworked Denim

I keep adding reworked denim to these Treasure Hunts because I am really, really in love with the idea of a patchwork pair of jeans + shrunken cardigan + boots for fall. Amalie got a pair of these and wore them in a recent story, which I think just confirms my idea of how some reworked denim can really transform an outfit. 

Graphic by Lorenza Centi.

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