What’s The First Light Jacket You Wear Come Fall?

I don’t even need to cram a cider donut into my face hole to know that the temperature slipping below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (I think that’s like 15 degrees Celsius? Idk I’m not a scholar) means we’ve got yet another fall on our hands. Now: The first day of fall was technically September 22nd, but it hasn’t really been fall until maybe a week ago. How can I say that with such authority? Because until then I hadn’t needed to pull out my light jackette: The jacket that slips over the cozy knits that shield your chilly nips, and/or your Risky Business button downs

My light jacket happens to be a fire-engine red swing coat from the one-and-only Judi Rosen, a New York designer whose landmark SoHo location I visited last year on the recommendation of my co-workers. She calls it her “Spiritualized Denim Jacket” because she based it on an ’80s German rave coat. I wore it an obscene amount last fall, and slipping into it this season I found 75 cents in loose change and a ticket stub for Marriage Story, which sounds like a lie but I promise it is not.

In any case, because the totem of “the light jacket” always inaugurates a sense of seasonality, I wanted to ask some of the coolest and chic-est people I know about the first jacket they reach for when the tips of their noses start to get cold. 

Cruise their answers below and see if you don’t find the next jacket to dump on that chair every time you get back to your room this season.

New Mom Ryan Norville Makes Practicality Meet La Mode

Jacket: Kordal; Top: Donni; Pants: YanYan; Shoes: Birkenstocks; Socks: Chup; Baby Wrap: Solly Baby

Tell me about the first light jacket you pull out of your closet for fall.

The light jacket I always go to first is this cream quilted number by Kordal. I think, for one, it’s the first jacket I see in my closet because it’s such a light color and I gravitate towards it because the color makes me happy. I usually associate colder weather with darker colors, but this jacket is great for people who have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that summer is over, but still want to get their early fall ‘fits off in style. It has snap closures and quilted pockets, so I like the styling options too.

How did you find it?

I discovered Kordal in a small boutique in Greenpoint. There was originally a cropped version of this coat in a coffee color that had sold out immediately in my size. I started following the brand on Instagram and stalked them until they knew who I was. That’s the great thing about small brands—you have accessibility to the designers and feel a connection to the brand. When the new silhouettes and colors were released, the designers Mandy and Jia reached out to me because they knew I was obsessed and I got it immediately.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 9
Sweaty-pits proof – 8.2
Versatility – 9
Cool factor – 10

So, where are you wearing it next?
I’m wearing this to go apple picking this weekend. I can practically taste the cider donuts right now!

Obviously this season, and getting dressed during this season, is feeling more complicated than it ever has. How are you feeling about getting dressed and showing up in general right now?

In the past six months I’ve seen the height of COVID, mass protesting and social unrest, and gave birth to a human. Needless to say, getting dressed was the very last thing on my mind. I’ve been patient with myself, but once I was ready to put a little bit more thought into my outfits again and have fun with getting dressed, I realized neglecting something I loved wasn’t the answer, either. So now I balance trying to have fun while getting dressed with functionality (can I breastfeed in this? Will I be overheated if I wear the baby in a carrier?). At the same time, I know that it’s not the end of the world if I can’t find the perfect outfit to express myself or have pre-pregnancy clothes that still don’t fit me again.

Lauren Servideo Makes the Case for “The Fall Cloak”

Jacket: Lindsey Thornburg; Bag: Kara; Shoes: Carven

First light jacket, go!

I guess this is light compared to, like, an Arctic parka, but it is still a pretty heavy duty coat: my Lindsey Thornburg cloak. It’s made from Pendleton fabric (iconic!) and I absolutely love the shape.

What’s its origin story?

I’ve known Lindsey since I was seventeen. All of her cool and talented friends wore her designs, and I promised myself that when I was older, I would get something of hers. I visited Lindsey’s studio a few years ago, and she very, very generously gave me an old cloak of hers. I especially love it because she wore it herself.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 10
Sweaty-pits proof – 8
Versatility – 9
Cool factor – 46,000

What’s the next “occasion” you’ll be wearing your cloak to?

Probably to the bodega to get an Arizona iced tea!

How have you been feeling about getting dressed in general these days?

I don’t really think all that hard about getting dressed, other than that I feel better/more ready if I don’t schlep around in pajamas all day.

Mi-Anne Chan Loves Lime as Much as Dakota Johnson

Jacket: Burberry; Pants: Urban Outfitters (similar here); Bag: Baboon to the Moon

Tell me about this chic colorful jackette!

If I’m the first person in this story to reference the “all you need is a light jacket!” moment from Miss Congeniality then I’m buying myself a pint of Cherry Garcia. Cheryl was understandably, zonked on stage when she uttered these words, so it makes sense that she was vague. If you ask me though, a “light jacket” needs to be light, yes, but also functional.

The first coat I pull out come fall is a second hand, oversized Burberry quilted number. A light jacket needs to keep a cool breeze from making my arm hairs stand up, but it also needs to be roomy enough to stuff a cardi underneath if things take a turn for the cold. This one is just that. The quilt makes it feel like you’re wearing a big-ass blanket, yet it’s thin and airy enough to keep me from sweating. I try to shop second hand where I can, so in all honesty, the brand label doesn’t matter much (although, it’s a plus)—it’s more the oversized fit and the quilted vibe that makes this the perfect fall jacket. Type in “quilted jacket” into eBay, ThredUp, DePop, or even Etsy, and you’ll find there are many options to choose from.

Why is this your go-to “all you need is a light jacket”?

I’ve been defaulting to this jacket for years. It’s both functional and ~vibey~ all at the same time thanks to its chunky shape and acid-green color. The best part though is that I can wear pajamas under this jacket and still feel cool and put together because it’s structured enough to not look too slouchy. Plus, the green makes it 200% more fun.

How did you acquire it?

My mom graciously gave me this jacket. She found it at Salvation Army (or was it Goodwill?) for something crazy… like $14. Initially we had plans to get it tailored, but after wearing it a few times, I decided to keep it oversized.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 4
Sweaty-pits proof – 8 (it’s roomy)
Versatility – 7
Cool factor – 10!!!!

What’s the next “occasion” you will be wearing your hot, hot light jacket to?

I haven’t left my house all day, so I’ll probably throw it over pajamas and walk to the wine store. The pockets are big so you can kinda fit a bottle in there if you’re careful. It’s also worth noting that the pockets 100% can fit a can of beer.

How have you been feeling about getting dressed and showing up in general right now?

It’s been a wavy ride these past eight months. Sometimes I feel awesome, like I can finally relax and that I don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectations of me. Then, I feel bad and guilty for even thinking those thoughts because I know I should be grateful to have a job and a home and a cat. Generally though, I’ve mostly just been feeling apathetic, and as cliché as it sounds to say, putting on makeup and a nice dress really does make me feel better. That’s not to say I do this all the time—as I’m typing this I’m sitting on my couch in a sports bra and pajama shorts. When I do pull out the stops, it reminds me to appreciate my body and my curves. It’s really nice to know you look good. It’s a feeling I wish to experience as much as possible.

Abisola Omole‘s Cropped Green Jacket She’s Wearing for a Special Trip to… The Market

Jacket: & Other Stories; Polo: & Other Stories; Joggers: Missguided 

So… tell me about the first light jacket you pull out of your closet come fall!

It’s my green wool jacket from & Other Stories! I find it makes anything I’m wearing look super cool. Whether it’s joggers, a cashmere jumper, a dress—heck, pajamas—it’s just got this cool, put-together vibe about it, so I end up wanting to wear it all the time. In previous years I’ve actually gone straight to a coat, but I suppose it’s just based on what I find/fall in love with.

How did you find it?

Nothing exciting, I was just browsing the site and, though they don’t actually make my size, the description said “oversized,” so I bought it in a US14 and it ended up being the perfect fit.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 4 🙈
Sweaty-pits proof – 9
Versatility – 8
Cool factor – 10

Where are you wearing it next? Anything special?

Er, grocery shopping? I don’t have any exciting occasions coming up but I know this jacket will see me through all of the mundane and unexpected places I find myself in.

How are you feeling about getting dressed this season?

To be honest, I’ve always been quite relaxed about how I dress. I favor comfort but I can also appreciate special pieces, so I’m the kind of person that will wear something as soon as it’s delivered, rather than “waiting for a special occasion.” With that in mind, I’ve definitely got some exciting pieces that I’ve recently added to my wardrobe. You’ll likely see me wearing them casually walking down the street or even just while at home. I like to feel and look good wherever I am.

Sydney Scott’s Light Jacket with Fringe Benefits (Pls Don’t Hate Me for That, Sydney)

Jacket: vintage via Luvick; Skirt: vintage via Luvsick; Top: vintage via NewBoAtx; Hat: Vintage (similar here)

Ooooo tell me about this light jacket!!

The first light jacket I pull out of my closet once the temps start to change is this vintage leather jacket I found in the past year during a Luvsick IG sale! I don’t think I’ve ever bought something faster! It’s a men’s suede fringe jacket and is the comfy, cowboy-core jacket of my dreams. Luvsick always has amazing pieces, but they go quickly so you have to act fast.

Why is this the first one you grab from your closet come autumn?

It has that already worn-in fit and feel, akin to something you’d steal out of your dad’s closet. I’ve had this jacket since spring and haven’t gotten to wear it much so I’m dying to style it more this fall!

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 10
Sweaty-pits proof – 5 (It can suddenly get steamy in there!)
Versatility – 7 (Can be dressed up or down, but always has that cowboy vibe to it.)
Cool factor – 12 (I feel like a Haim sister every time I wear this jacket!!!)

What’s the next fête you’re wearing this to?

If we were in ~non-pandemic~ times, I’d love to wear this to a live music show… but realistically, it’ll probably just be worn as part of a very dramatic outfit for running to get groceries, (I’m fine if the only people who see it are the Trader Joe’s cashiers, tbh).

How are you feeling about getting dressed this season compared to previous seasons?

At the beginning of quarantine, it was really easy to default to sweatpants and PJs, but over the summer, I started feeling so bored and uninspired with how I got dressed. It definitely alters your self-image when you go from getting dressed all the time to only seeing an extremely dialed-back version of yourself. Now, I try to put on “real” clothes at least a couple of times a week, even if I don’t plan on leaving my house. It feels silly to get dressed to go nowhere, but having an outfit on that’s different from my weekly sweatpants rotation never fails to make me feel like a human again! I guess more than anything else, this experience has really made me rethink how I get dressed for myself when no one is around, and how much that affects my mood.

Bianca Valle’s Sunny Chic Workwear

Jacket: Bode; Mask: Helmstedt

Quilted cutie! Why is this your go-to fall jacket?

I love a workwear jacket. Preferably something with lots of pockets! It’s always the same for me: I love certain silhouettes and I stick to them 🙂 I love this quilted one from Bode especially, right now, because of the colors, but also the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:

Windproof – 7
Sweaty-pits proof – 9
Versatility – 8
Cool factor – 10

What’s the next “occasion” you will be wearing your sweet sweet light jacket to?
Dinner tonight at Dimes!

Obviously this season, and getting dressed during this season, is feeling more complicated than it ever has. What are the feelings you’re having surrounding getting dressed and showing up in general right now?

Try your best to show up where you can, because why not? We gotta push through for ourselves, our loved ones, and for history!

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