The Best Vintage Clogs, Laura Ashley Sweaters, and Glass Goblets, Just for You!

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I’ve never limited myself to trends—I’m not going to stop wearing a certain style of jeans just because they’re suddenly “out.” However, I do sometimes pay attention to the latest thing: Puffy sleeves gave me great joy (still do) as did clogs (again, still do). Generally, though, I find myself most satisfied by pieces that’ll stand the test of time. 

This week, I’m sharing my longtime loves—variations of items I personally own that have given me serious joy. These include but are not limited to: a vintage double-breasted navy blazer, a pair of glass cocktail cups, and a pretty cardigan. Sneak a peek below for eight items I love and think you may, too.

1. The Ingredients for the Perfect Cocktail

My boyfriend Mikey and I occasionally use these glasses for our Friday Happy Hour series on Repeller’s Instagram. They make me feel extremely fancy. When not actually delivering the fruits of Happy Hour to my mouth, they’re out on display, and still providing me with great, Kondo-approved joy. With a serving of Haus’ Peach Passionfruit, let’s sip with one pinky up.

2. Double-Breasted Blazer

One of my favorite possessions is this wool double-breasted blazer I took from my mom. It makes every outfit look more put together. I’ve worn it with sweatsuits, jeans, dresses, leggings… you name it. It’s also great for this time of year, when it’s chilly but not full-on jacket weather. And, hey, guess what? I found some for you, too.

3. Oh, These Sunglasses? They’re Vintage.

I have a pair of sunglasses a lot like these, and they are a reliable compliment-getter. I love the tinted lenses and the square frames—plus, the lack of a logo or branding give them a je ne sais quoi timelessness.

4. A Collarless Jacket

A collarless jacket is another great way to make an otherwise effortless outfit look more put-together. Collarless jackets are fun to style, too, with either a collared shirt or, these days, a hoodie. This one, from Armani Collezioni via Thrilling, is quite a gem.

5. Clogs Keep “Coming Back”

Hermès Spring/Summer 2021 via Vogue Runway

While clogs are pretty hot right now (see the recent Hermès spring/summer 2021 collection), they’re also eternal. My vintage ones are my favorites (and are the most comfortable). Here, I present a variety of styles, from slingbacks to mules, all of which are pretty amazing. I did include this not-vintage J. Crew suede and a a pair of Sixty-Nine cow print ones because I cannot stop thinking about either of them, sorry.

6. Vintage Laura Ashley Cardigan

I’m sad to report that my vintage Laura Ashley sweater is no longer with me (I lost it)—it was one of my favorite vintage possessions. There are a bunch of similar styles on Etsy and eBay for you to peruse, and for me to do some replacement shopping. 

7. Oxblood Leather Jacket

This oxblood leather jacket is the one that got away. I don’t actually own one, but I have been regretting not purchasing the one I fell in love with back when I was in college. I love that it’s not black, yet still has the fierceness of a leather jacket. I like it medium-length—to the hips or just past them—and blazer style. 

8. And a Sleek Red Trench!

My trench coat has been a fall and spring staple for many, many years now. I own a navy one, but I really, really love the idea of these leather or coated red ones. I guess I inspired myself with the thought of that oxblood jacket? 

Anything you own and love that you’d like to recommend? Anything you’re looking for? Lay it on me!

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