Cozy Appetizers and Statement Entrées





Sarah Panlibuton Barnes

Sarah Panlibuton Barnes is the internet version of your eccentric neighborhood recluse and Senior Editor at Repeller.

Jasmine Clarke

Jasmine Clarke is a photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. You can find her on Instagram and see more of her photos here.

Liana Finck

Liana Finck is not a dog.

Loré Yessuff

Loré Yessuff is a writer who explores topics related to intimacy, identity, and interconnection. She is obsessed with tender clichés like love poems, wild lilac, sweet plantains, and cinnamon-spiced coffee. Currently, she works as a customer service rep for a dating app. You can creep on her Instagram @boogieandblues , she’s probably creeping on you too.

Micaéla Verrelien

Micaéla Verrelien is a first generation island gyal born in Boston, Massachusetts, currently residing in New York City. She is a creative director, model, and content creator. She loves to dance and prides herself in being able to exude love at all times: love of people, love of family, and, most importantly, love of self.

Paula Skaggs

Paula Skaggs is a writer, comedian and podcast host. When she’s not staying up until 3 am crafting tiny food out of clay, she runs a Lean Cuisine review account Lean Cuisine review account (also on Instagram ) and co-hosts the podcast Being Earnest . She’s lactose intolerant, but that hasn’t slowed her down yet.

Sable Yong

Sable is a New York City-based writer. A former beauty editor and now a freelance narcissist, you can find her work on Allure, GQ, Vogue (Teen and regular), Nylon, New York Magazine, Man Cjdats (obviously), and sometimes the packaging of beauty products. Like every millennial writer who came of age in the era of analog feelings, she has a newsletter .